French industrial group Serge Ferrari lent its expertise to the creation of the roof of the new Rostov-on-Don Arena. It will host 5 matches, including a round of 16 match. The challenge was solved with Flexlight Xtrem TX30, supplied for a total surface area nearing 50,000 sqm.

Located on the South bank of the Don river, the arena was designed by architecture firm Populous, recognised worldwide for their many contributions to sports architecture around the globe.

Serge Ferrari, who has supplied materials for numerous sports venues around the world, had already collaborated with the firm several times before that, on projects including the London Olympic Games, the Lyon Stadium and the Las Dunas de Natal Arena in Brazil.

The venue’s creative architecture, blending in perfectly with the surrounding Cossack city, is an integral part of a larger urbanism project, which should eventually house residential units, cultural institutions, as well as leisure infrastructure and offices.

Designed to be adaptable, the arena has a seating capacity of 45,000, which will be scaled down to 25,000 after the World Cup to accommodate national sporting events.

The FC Rostov, winner of the 2014 Russian Cup, will be based at the Rostov Arena.

Flexible composite materials offer the possibility to create curved roof structures, somehow reminiscent of the meanders along the Don river. With its corrugated shape, the roof provides shelter for the arena’s four tribunes. It was designed using the latest construction technology for sports venues. One of the challenges of this project was to comply with eco-friendly building standards, which rely on such principles as efficiency, environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources.

Almost 50,000 sqm of Flexlight Xtrem TX30-IV Fabric
The roof consists of 46 segments (delineated by steel arches) covered with Flexlight Xtrem TX30-IV, held in tension by a system of steel cables attached to posts positioned along the outer wall of the building. This highly resistant membrane is particularly well suited to the local climate, as it allows the structure to withstand heavy loads of snow and strong winds.

In addition to its aesthetic quality, the material was also chosen because of its extreme durability (exceeding 30 years), its high resistance to fouling thanks to its Crosslink PVDF surface coating and its GOST classification – fire safety certification required for large construction projects in Russia.

This solution offers optimal comfort to spectators, while delivering twice as much natural light as other standard PVC membranes, and twice as much thermal insulation as PTFE glass. This fabric is also recyclable: an added bonus which provided a solution to the project’s challenges in terms of environmental impact.

Flexlight Xtrem TX30, Lightweight and Durable
A specialist of innovative flexible composite materials since 1973, the Serge Ferrari group has been involved in many sports venue projects around the world, thanks in large part to the quality of the brand’s products and its unique, cutting-edge technology: Précontraint.

Flexlight Xtrem TX30 IV is one of Serge Ferrari’s newest flexible composite materials, developed specifically to meet the highest standards of durability and aesthetic appearance for the most high-profile construction projects. In addition to the benefits of group’s unique technology, the product integrates a high-resistance coating and surface cross-linking: Crosslink PVDF.

The Crosslink formulation of this material is nothing short of a technological breakthrough, inspired by cross-link epoxy coatings, which were previously used on rigid materials only.

Its long-term resistance to corrosion and weather-induced erosion (UV, rain, snow) allows the product to maintain its structural and aesthetic performance over decades. It was developed through a stringent process and received approval by the world’s leading experts on polymer photo-ageing.

Remaining light, flexible and translucent – all essential qualities for flexible composite materials –, the Flexilight Xtrem TX30 membrane boasts exceptional longevity for lightweight architecture.

Serge Ferrari’s Précontraint technology delivers flawless dimensional stability, making it possible to create buildings with unique shapes.

Rostov Arena Fact Sheet
Seating capacity: 45,000/25,000 people
Total surface area: 137,477 sqm
Architects: Populous (UK), Federal state Unitary Entreprise « Sport-Engineering », IGM
General contractor: ZAO Crocus International
Engineering and manufacturing: Tensaform (Turkey)
Inauguration: 18 April 2018

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